Best G-Spot Vibrators: Powerful, Body-Safe Toys Ranked & Compared

As a professional sex toy reviewer, I’ve tested a literal pile of vibrators—and put a lot of thought into what makes a truly kick-ass toy. The best G-spot vibrators are necessarily:

  • Actually “G-spotty”: These vibes have a forward curve and/or bulbous head,1 so they can press into the front wall of the vagina and create G-spot pressure.
  • Powerful (and not irritatingly buzzy on every speed): “Power” is an obvious concept, but it takes some practice to discern vibration quality. In the past 10 years, sex toy bloggers have come to use two opposite terms to describe this quality: “rumbly” means “deep, lower-pitched, and penetrating”; while its opposite, “buzzy,” means “surface-level, higher-pitched.” Rumbliness is typically considered a good thing because when vibes penetrate through flesh better, they stimulate more nerve endings, like more of the internal clitoris—making orgasms easier for most folks.2
  • Body-safe: Made of quality, nonporous materials like silicone and ABS plastic.
  • Rechargeable: Because buying batteries is a pain, and rechargeable toys usually offer better vibration quality too.
  • Waterproof: So you don’t have to worry about damaging your toy when you’re cleaning it, and you can take it in the shower too! Almost every vibe on this list is submersible waterproof (so you can bathe with it); I’ve noted the splashproof-only exceptions in their individual sections below.

I decided to write this guide because I live for G-spot stimulation—and I was tired of using vibes that just weren’t orgasmic. With the right toy, G-spot massage makes me feel euphoric, ecstatic, almost like I’m floating from so many feel-good hormones.

But this is key: G-spot vibes don’t have to be for the vagina only! Almost all toy users with clits will end up using a vibe that’s designed for internal play externally—on their clitoris, labia, and more—at least some of the time. Moods change, hormones change, and I love that my favorite G-spot vibes can accommodate that I want clitoral stim one day but not as much the next.

For each vibe in this guide, I’ll describe my general impressions, and then I’ll rate it on my 5-point scale for: rumbliness, overall power, quietness,3 G-spot impact, and ease of use. The rating in each heading—for “Rumbly Power”—averages the vibe’s overall rumbliness and overall power scores.Best G-spot vibrators ranked rumbly power ratings Phallophile Reviews

Pillow Talk Sassy (8.5/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 8.2 out of 10; $43.20
Wins for: Rumbliest Budget-Friendly Vibe; Best Gentle G-Spotter

We’re gonna start with the best bang for your buck here: a very rumbly motor, a good level of power, and a nice affordable price.BMS Pillow Talk Sassy Powerful G-spot vibrator best vibe featured

I fell in love with the Pillow Talk Sassy’s vibe quality at first rumble, before it even touched my junk. Sassy starts out low, and deep. The vibes do get much stronger, and slightly more buzzy at the highest power. But Sassy is pretty damn quiet, especially through the mid-level speeds—great if you live with family or roommates you don’t want hearing your exploits. ☺

The Pillow Talk Sassy stands out for one other reason too: there are no preset speeds. Instead, you press down the Swarovski crystal control button until you’re satisfied with the intensity, then release. No cycling through a bazillion patterns you care nothing about! (*cough* Diamond Wand *cough*)

Sassy’s smooth, bulbous head almost demands a cheesy adjective like “luscious,” because of how silky the silicone finish is. The toy’s neck is slightly flexible (see pic here), so if you want really hard G-spot pressure rather than just good vibes, keep reading.

Functions: No preset speeds! Incremental speed control lets you press & hold to control power.
Rumbliness: 9/10 overall: 10/10 on low & 8/10 on high
Overall power: 8/10
Quietness: 8/10
G-spot impact: 7/10: Flexible neck lessens pressure slightly; more comfortable for sensitive users.
Ease of use (grip & button control): 9/10: I love the incremental speed control, but minus 1 point because the handle could be slightly longer.
Buy: $43.20 at Peepshow Toys (use code PRSASSY at checkout for 20% off)

We-Vibe Rave (8.75/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 7.5 out of 10; $120
Wins for: Overall Rumbliest Vibe

I knew the We-Vibe Rave was aimed at power lovers when I turned it on, thought Whoa!, and then realized it starts on intensity level #3. Press the down arrow twice, though, and you’ll come to the first steady level: a rumbly setting that’s more powerful than the Pillow Talk Sassy’s lowest level.We-Vibe Rave app controlled vibrator G-spot

Most vibrators lose rumbliness as they increase in power, but not Rave. It sticks to its deeply penetrating nature throughout all 8 intensity levels. It’s something I’ve never experienced in a vibrator before.

But “unique” isn’t always good: I’m personally a bit confused by another of Rave’s one-of-a-kind traits, the asymmetrical shape. Of course We-Vibe markets this as innovative: “Add a twist,” they say. Try out the “pleasure edges,” they say!

It’s hard to photograph the distinctive shape, but one side of Rave’s head is flatter, whereas the opposite one has a strong vertical ridge.

To be fair, the off-center shape does let me angle the Rave’s flat side right where I need G-spot pressure. Meanwhile, the curve ensures that the mouth of my vag gets attention too. For pure rumbly power sitting against my G-spot, Rave is the toy I pull out.

But I’m also a huge fan of thrusting my vibes as I approach orgasm, and Rave’s distinctive twisty shape makes that awkward; it prevents me from moving the vibe in the way that feels natural to me. Many users prefer steady pressure, but Rave isn’t my absolute favorite because it feels limiting.

One last distinctive feature is Rave’s long-distance app control. Whether or not the Bluetooth connection will work well between your and your play partner’s devices is another question. This is a Bluetooth-wide issue that leads to divergent stories like “I love controlling my gf’s We-Vibe Sync” and “The We-Vibe app didn’t work for shit with us, but the Lovense Lush was great.” There’s really no telling until you try it.

Functions: 1 steady function (with 8 possible intensity levels); 9 patterned functions (also with 8 intensities each)
Rumbliness: 9.5/10 overall: 10/10 on low & 9/10 on high
Overall power: 8/10
Quietness: 6/10
G-spot impact: 8/10: Firm body and dramatic curve; some users may want a rounder, more bulbous head.
Ease of use (grip & button control): 6/10: Starts on the third speed instead of the lowest; asymmetrical shape is meant to be ergonomic but may put some users off; only splashproof rather than submersible waterproof.
Buy: Typically $119 at Peepshow ToysSheVibe; find internationally at: Lovehoney CA, Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney EU

Sola Cue (8.75/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 7.9 out of 10; $69
Wins for: Best Strength + Pressure Combo

At first I thought the Sola Cue’s shape looked kinda bland, but no, no, my impressions were clearly wrong. You have to view the toy from the side, you see. The Cue’s curve culminates in this bulging head, which applies pressure right above my pubic bone, exactly where it should be. I feel like I’m writing ad copy here when I say the contour is perfect! It’s bulbous but somehow gentle too—not such a jarring transition between the head and the rest of the vibe (like the Noje G Slim can be for me when used internally).Sola Cue G-Spot Vibrator closeup

Cue has 10 functions, 5 of which are steady speeds. The first starts out about the same as the We-Vibe Rave does—more powerful than Pillow Talk Sassy. By steady speed 4, Cue is hella strong but also moving closer to buzzy territory. Because Cue’s strength is a lot for my taste, I stay on the first three steady speeds and slowly wiggle the head from side to side. Because it’s firm and the top section juts out so much, it’s most comfortable for me to hold Cue in place vaginally (rather than thrust it) or of course use its strong vibes on my clit.

Bottom line? The Sola Cue has slightly more power than the We-Vibe Rave, plus the contoured head gives you more direct pressure—for $50 less than Rave. The trade-off, though? The Cue’s vibes aren’t as rumbly as you get to the higher speeds, and there’s definitely no app control (which may or may not appeal to you).

Functions: 1 steady function (with 8 possible intensity levels); 9 patterned functions (also with 8 intensities each)
Rumbliness: 8.5/10 overall: 10/10 on low & 7/10 on high
Overall power: 9/10
Quietness: 6/10
G-spot impact: 9/10: It’s not saying it’s the Pure Wand, but the head has a great curve—lots of pressure, and neither really broad nor super-focused.
Ease of use (grip & button control): 7/10: The handle is easy to grip, but the buttons take a little getting used to: remember to hold for 3 seconds to turn on/off. Also, the 10 functions are a continuing loop, so I’ve accidentally moved into the patterns from the lowest steady speed a few times.
Buy: $69.99 at Peepshow Toys

Dorr Silker (7.75/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 7.8 out of 10; $69
Wins for: Overall Goodness

The Dorr Silker has a flowing S shape that just looks graceful. It was the first G-spot vibe I found really worth using.Dorr Silker G-spot vibrator featured image Phallophile Reviews

Mainly, it’s a middle-of-the-road option among these vibrating greats: the motor is strong, but you pay $40 less than the We-Vibe Rave with its app-controlled features. I don’t have any outstanding complaints about the Dorr Silker in use, which is why it gets points for “Overall Goodness.”

Silker does start out stronger than many options—especially the Pillow Talk Sassy—so those who aren’t sure about their power preferences might consider that toy instead. This Dorr vibe also takes a sharp turn into buzzy territory on the last couple steady speeds. But on the first three intensities, I’m loving Silker’s broad, gently curving shaft and that tip (for focused stimulation!) at the end.

Functions: 1 steady function (with 6 possible intensity levels); 5 patterned functions (also with 6 intensities each)
Rumbliness: 7.5/10 overall: 9/10 on low & 6/10 on high
Overall power: 8/10
Quietness: 7/10
G-spot impact: 7.5/10: A broader G-spotting shape with a focused tip (which I love, but some may want more bulbous pressure throughout)
Ease of use (grip & button control): 9/10: I love the outward-curved handle in my hand, but the control buttons are just slightly hard to push.
Buy: $69 at Spectrum Boutique | $79.99 at Peepshow Toysat SheVibe

Jopen Key Comet II Wand (7.5/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 8 out of 10; $69
Wins for: Most G-Spot Pressure

The Jopen Key Comet II Wand has a long-standing reputation for its G-spot prowess. I found the curve maybe too dramatic at first glance. But then I inserted it, and I realized that it wraps around just right. The ball at the end is big G-spot pressure of the Njoy Pure Wand variety—except the Key Comet II is so much lighter and easier to maneuver. I can even thrust it and really love the sensation, instead of being overwhelmed! It’s really a happy shape for my vag + vulva. Jopen Key Comet II Wand G-spot vibrator

But there’s almost always a catch, right? And here the issue is that the Key Comet II only has one steady vibration speed. This is one case where I feel like sex toys have come so incredibly far even in the last three years—witness the rise of dual-density silicone, for example—because the Key Comet II came out in 2015 and today it seems unthinkable that a big company like Jopen4 would release a vibe with one steady speed. Toy makers are apparently still learning (or not learning, in some cases) that the vast majority of users strongly prefer steady power.

The Key Comet II’s large control button is easy to find, but I almost thought my toy was broken the first time I used it, it was so difficult to push down the button and turn on the vibe. Push hard!

Functions: 1 steady speed; 6 patterns
Rumbliness: 8/10
Overall power: 7/10
Quietness: 8/10
G-spot impact: 10/10
Ease of use (grip & button control): 7/10; holds like a dream, but the control button is really hard to press down.
Buy: $69 at Peepshow Toys

Jopen Pavé Vivian (7.25/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 8 out of 10; $65
You may notice I haven’t given the Jopen Pavé Vivian any specific “best for” awards. That’s kinda sad because it’s a good vibrator—just not an exceptional one. Mainly, it’s not as exceptional as the Pillow Talk Sassy, which it seems to have been modeled after.

Compared to Sassy, it just feels like Vivian’s vibes don’t…connect? Like they’re somehow lacking body, even though they’re rumbly enough and NOT WEAK. I like Vivian, I’d go out for a drink with Vivian and maybe hook up afterward, but it’s not the kind of vibe partner I’d dedicate myself to long-term.Jopen Pave Vivian G-spot vibrator

Vivian does have its selling points, to be sure: (1) The glass faux-gemstone setting in the base, which is cuter than Sassy’s Swarovski crystal button, IMO. (2) The large central gemstone lets you cycle through patterns—or just turn on the only nonpatterned setting—while separate plus and minus buttons on the side of the toy change the power level. That means you never accidentally encounter a pattern when you just want steady vibes. This simple control system is something other vibe makers should aim for. (Goddammit, Zalo!)

Functions: 1 steady function (with 5 possible intensity levels); 5 patterned functions (also with 5 intensities each)
Rumbliness: 7.5/10 overall: 8/10 on low & 7/10 on high
Overall power: 7/10
Quietness: 10/10
G-spot impact: 6.5/10: Flat head can be pushed into the G-spot, but doesn’t wrap around quite right for me.
Ease of use (grip & button control): 9/10: Love the easy-to-use gemstone power and mode change button
Buy: $64.99 at SheVibe | $66 at Peepshow Toys

Blush Noje G Slim (7.25/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 7 out of $10; $33
Wins for: G-Spot Exploration

Normally I don’t review pure plastic toys because I have a strong preference for the silky, insulating feel that platinum silicone usually provides. I made an exception for the Noje G Slim because it promised to be incredibly strong, waterproof & rechargeable, and cheap.Blush Noje G Slim G-spot vibrator full length floral

The Noje G Slim is a “beginner” G-spot-toy shape, the egg on a stick. It allows you to explore putting pressure wherever it feels good.5 G Slim’s hard plastic especially facilitates this firm pressure.

The toy’s vibes do live up to the marketing in that they’re strong. On par with the We-Vibe Rave for strength, surprisingly enough. The vibe starts strong and ends a lot stronger. It’s a lot of power for under $30! Unfortunately for anyone who prefers more vibration depth, the vibes get buzzy very quickly in the speed progression, and you will notice this while you use G Slim because the plastic body carries the strong vibes right into your hand.

And if you’re more sensitive vaginally (like I am), you may have a conflict between the sharp angle of the G Slim’s egg-head and your pubic bone. G Slim is much better as a strong external toy for my body. Like with the similar motor of Blush’s Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe, I might even use it through a towel!

Functions: 5 steady speeds & 5 patterns
Rumbliness: 6.5/10; overall: 8/10 on low & 5/10 on high
Overall power: 8/10
Quietness: 4/10
G-spot impact: 8.5/10: Classic shape that’s often recommended to “beginners” who are looking to find their G-spot
Ease of use (grip & button control): 8/10: Buttons could be easier to press, but the long handle is easy to grip and use to guide the head, vaginally or clitorally.
Buy: $29.70 at Peepshow Toys (with code FELICITY)

Satisfyer Master (6.5/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 6.2 out of 10; $49.99
Wins for: Realism on a Budget

The Satisfyer Master is also on this list because I believe in affordable, body-safe sex toys for (almost) every budget. It’s the copycat version of the more-rumbly Fun Factory Big Boss, which costs about $90 more.

Also, who says G-spot vibes have to be nonphallic? Master has a more penis-like design than every other toy in this list, with an extra-large coronal ridge to rub the G-spot. Master’s mechanical core only extends about 2″ up into the shaft, so the rest of the toy is softer and gentler than the vast majority of silicone-coated vibes. Plus it’s thicker than average! Master’s 1.8″ diameter feels even bigger because of how rounded it is.Satisfyer Vibes Master full

Ultimately, though, I can only get off on Master by thrusting the toy, fast, just like I would a nonvibrating dildo, since the vibration quality falls pretty flat. The toy is actually powerful on the higher speeds, but it’s also buzzy-buzzy.

If you’re not a vibration critic and you want an affordable, big, semi-phallic toy, then get Master. But if you need a more lifelike feel with deep, more robust vibrations, then the Big Boss is the only way.

Functions: 6 steady speeds; 5 patterns
Rumbliness: 5/10 overall: 6/10 on low & 4/10 on high
Overall power: 8/10
Quietness: 4/10
G-spot impact: 6/10: Pronounced corona feels nice if you like phallic toys, but the softer shaft means less intense pressure
Ease of use (grip & button control): 8/10: Loop handle ensures a steady grip; buttons are a tad hard to press.
Buy: $50 at Peepshow Toys | SheVibe

Zalo Queen (5/10 Rumbly Power)

5-Point Rating: 4.4 out of 10; $130–$150
Wins for: Looks Alone!

The Zalo Queen looks stunning. The attractive aesthetic—you choose between three jewel-toned shades of silicone, all with gold inlay and a Swarovski crystal charm—is really unrivaled among vibrators.Zalo Queen G-spot vibrator PulseWave technology featured

But appearances can definitely be deceiving, because I am not giving the Zalo Queen high marks here—I expected more. Especially more from a vibe at this price point.

First, I was annoyed because the whole “PulseWave” tapping motion—supposedly an innovation in G-spot stim—isn’t doing a whole helluva lot for my G-spot. It’s really only effective for focused clitoral stim (whereas I prefer my clit vibes broader—and rumblier).

And most importantly, the vibration quality is mediocre in the grand scheme of vibrators. It’s better than a watch-battery-powered bullet, for sure, but the Zalo Queen isn’t getting any rave reviews (at least not honest ones!) from fans of strength or rumbliness.

I would only recommend this toy to those who like direct, fairly pinpoint clitoral stimulation and who aren’t used to higher-powered motors.

Functions: 2 steady vibe speeds & 6 vibe patterns (but the app allows a lot more); 4 steady “PulseWave” speeds & 4 PulseWave patterns
Rumbliness: 5/10 overall: 5/10 on low & 5/10 on high
Overall power: 5/10
Quietness: 4/10
G-spot impact: 3/10: The shape looks G-spotty enough but does so little for me. The PulseWave head can be pressed inward—never a good thing for G-spot pressure.
Ease of use (grip & button control): 5/10: Easy to grip, ergonomic shape. But the buttons are hard to figure out and not easy to activate either.
Buy: $130 without without the clitoral sleeve; $149 for the Set (with clit sleeve) 

Which One Would *I* Buy?

This does seem like a dizzying array of options. But like anyone, I have my preferences, and these are my personal favorite G-spot vibrators.

I would buy the BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy first. The silky feeling of the silicone, the flexible neck, and the rumbly vibes that don’t start out too intense—they’re all why I’ve been recommending Sassy to anyone and everyone who asks for a vibrator suggestion this year.

Then I’d literally have to flip a coin between the Sola Cue and the Dorr Silker, because I like them both so much, for slightly different reasons. (This is why I need a sex toy closet—different moods and all!!!)

G-spot vibrator comparison We-Vibe Rave BMS Pillow Talk Sassy Sola Cue

A power trio—from top to bottom, Rave, Sassy, and Cue. The Dorr Silker could easily fit in this pic too!

And finally, the We-Vibe Rave…it’s so good, and I recommend it so highly, but in the end, it’s just not quite my style because of the off-center curve. If I had money to blow, though, I’d definitely get one for those times when I do want super-rumbly, steady pressure.

So which vibe would you choose? Like any kind of sexual exploration, G-spot play gives you the chance to discover what you do and don’t like, what you can and can’t stand, what makes you distinct as a person. Have fun!!!

* * *

  1. This seems incredibly obvious, but seriously, while I was deciding whether to write this guide, I came across lists of “the best G-spot vibrators” that included wand vibes (without attachments), classic slimline vibes, and a plethora of jelly rabbits/butterflies.
  2. But of course not everyone is the same; some users need less rumble than others, and others enjoy some buzz in their vibe. Experimentation is required!
  3. For a more accurate in-use ranking, I listened to the noise level when each vibe was pressed between my labia, rather than resting in my hand.
  4. Which is owned by CalExotics, a sex toy giant.
  5. This isn’t to say that there aren’t people who continue to love this shape after they’ve used vibes for quite some time!

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